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Sunday, July 20, 2008
4:04 PM

This is so cool! Eleana and me can't wait to watch it! Lol, I love Edward. In the books anyway. Don't quite like this guy, though he acts rather well I think. Ah...25th december than come out here! Shit lah! 12th in the US leh! Damn. And breaking dawn is coming! Yay!

Vampires are cool. Well, the Cullens are anyway.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008
6:00 PM

I just did a personality test for fun and it was actually quite accurate! Especially about the quiet and reserved unless with close friends part. And a whole list of jobs came up as well.

Musician / Composer
Child Care / Early Childhood Development
Social Worker / Counselor
Forest Ranger

yes! I see VETERINARIAN there. Yay! I wanna be a vet! Love animals! A pediatrician also not bad. But forest ranger? ER...

Saturday, May 31, 2008
2:09 PM

OMG. If only I can sing like that. I CANNOT sing. Look at the high notes Mariah Carey hits. ZOMG.

Thursday, May 01, 2008
Happy Birthday Mdm Sau! 8:22 PM

3C celebrated Sau 老师's birthday on Wed. It was one day late lah. Her birthday was on Tues. But Kaili came to sch late on Tues, so we had to celebrate on Wed. It was quite fun and it was rather heartwarming. My last year class did not celebrate any teacher's birthday before. Anyway, she was pleasantly surprised. Sau 老师 said that we were the first people that gave her a cake. She received roses from her husband though. =) Lols, sweet enough I guess. Anyway, will kup some photos from Eliz soon. For now, this is 3C's first ever full class photo. It's from Nicholas. Thanks ah. Shall get photos of the buttery cake i ate soon.

Spot me. Lols, once you see Zixuan you would be able to see me. sorry for blurness though

Sunday, April 27, 2008
12:25 AM

Went for Guitar club's concert with Theresa on Sat. I rushed to Bedok interchange after my tuition, which I felt was unnecessary later on because I was still earlier than Theresa. I met a mad man at the interchange who was singing very loud to himself. Which made me appraciate my 'normal' mind. We went to Raffles first to eat our dinner at Mos Burger, which is our tradition before every concert. And everything was peaceful before he appeared. We had a great shock. We were happily talking and eating and all of a sudden, Theresa went "OMG". I turned and I saw a guy with a green shirt and infront of him was him. My eyes literally went bigger. I was seriously shocked and I told Theresa, "Let's get out of here." Then, they decideded to sit beside us, probably because there was no other seats left ( I was too shocked to notice). We grabbed our bags and yes, we brisked walk out. He definitely saw us because his head was turned towards us and he was staring as we stood up. It's been over half a year since I saw him. Theresa was agitated that she didn't stare at that person longer. Poor A****la. She didn't get to see him. She should have come for the concert! Anyway, we were laughing so hard when we walked out of Mos Burger. It really has been too long I guess. We were both getting excited, and we were so engrossed that we forgot where the MRT was. -_- Yes retarded, but forgive us. There were more retarded things will happen.

Anyway, we managed to find the MRT at last, and we went to Clarke Quay. We were talking him and her all the way. When we reached Clarke Quay, we were trying to find the DBS auditorium. We walked past the river and it was really serene! I wanna go there again. Can go there emo also. Lols. Anyway, we were walking and walking and then we got really lost. And it was 7.30 already. Concert had started. We asked people and they didn't know where the DBS auditorium was. In the end, we took a taxi, whose driver was partially deaf I swear. We realised when we reached there that we mistook the auditorium for the arts centre. That's why we couldn't find the place. In the end, we had to go sit at the top because the bottom seats were all filled up. The guitar club was very nice! They gave all of us a lolipop each. Never have I gone to a concert like that before. It was just so audience friendly and it had a very friendly atmosphere, unlike all the other concerts, which are all just very formal. Anyway, I was very happy to be able to sit since the flats were actually killing my feet. We made it in time to listen to the song HARUYO KOI. It was quite nice.

We were sitting beside westwood sec, and they were freaking noisy lah. I remembered half way throught the concert one of the graduated seniors who came back to watch said very loudly, "Shut up lah!" Lols, funny. Yes, SHUT UP. Noisy people. The concert was really awesome! The best concert I've been to this year so far. It was not boring because they played familiar tunes. Even if it were tunes we didn't know the names of, it was still familiar. Saw him going backstage during intermission with a big grin on his face.

My favourite song was tico tico by Valerie and Xin Ying. Damn nice lah their duet. Xin Ying was playing the melodic line and Valerie the accompaniment I think. Xin Ying was really good! Her fingers were moving really fast. Yes, I love ensembles more than the whole ochestra or band coming together. Canon was nice too. Later on during the concert, there was this singing part, where Xiao You, Jocelyn, Jing Wen and Roy sang. The best singer was Jing Wen I think. Her voice was really good. Joycelyn also. She sang in Jap, which was really impressive.

Nice nice concert! I am definitely going again next year! =)

Monday, April 21, 2008
10:40 PM

My chem test should be tomorrow. I don't seem to care a bit even if I will pass or fail. I just skimmed through the notes and didn't even commit them to memory. I feel my drive to study is fading away at an extreme rate. I seem to have lots of homework left undone. I need to rush for them and also for upcoming tests. My bio test is on Thurs, and I haven't started anything at all. I am not listening during lessons. Instead, I'm falling asleep. I seriously don't know why I'm so tired. I should force myself to sit at my desk tomorrow, since I'll be home quite early. I MUST NOT WASTE TIME! I think I should bring some food into class tomorrow. Eating keeps me awake. I hope tomorrow would not be a warm day, it just makes 3C sleeps. I should seriously start askng Joyce to pinch me awake whenever I sleep. Help me!! I will fail if I continue like this!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008
Thief! 9:40 PM

Thief on the lose people. Be careful. Do NOT leave your valuables in class. This one's rather good. He/She was still able to eat Joanna's apple in the process of stealing. More about this exciting incident tmr. I have to rush compre and maths assignment now.